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Game of Watchmen: Amazing Game of Thrones and Watchmen mashup by Phostex

Explanation of the artist about the mashup:

Silk Spectre as Daenerys was pretty obvious, as in the course of both stories she starts out as merely a girlfriend or wife for a powerful man, arranged mostly for political and military ends, and slowly comes into her own. Nite Owl could have been either Ned or Tyrion, and I went with Tyrion, for his more active sex life, and his habit of being good at spending money. Dr. Manhattan could have been no one but Varys. They’re both apparently omnicient. Ozymandias could have been a lot of characters too, especially Lannisters, most of whom seem to be very practiced in the art of scheming. But when you get down to brass tacks, Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish is the only one whose scheming managed to pretty much ruin EVERYTHING, and unlike most other schemers, he still ends up on top. I needed a Ned Stark, and Rorschach fit that bill, mostly because of their unwavering moral code, but also because both end up in multiple pieces at the end of the (first) book. The Comedian could have been a lot of characters too. GoT has a lot of morally questionable warriors. Bronn, Jorah, or Jaime all could have fit the bill, but if you imagine Richard Nixon as Joffrey (not hard) the Hound becomes the clear choice. They even both have facial scars!

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